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Bleach Soul Society Black Tee


On our new soul society shirt, you can find all sorts of easter eggs. There are subtle hints to the patterns from the cloaks the Soul Reapers wear. Also, there are references to Ichigo, the soul society world, and the captains from the show. You can also find the same symbol Rukia uses to free Ichigo from his body and the pass he uses in the afterlife embroidered on the front. Included on the sleeve is Ichigo’s Zanpaukto. The Kanji on the back reads “Shinigami or Soul Reaper”. We couldn’t forget the key phrase from the show either, BANKAI!


  • Mediumweight Tee
  • 100% Soft Ringspun Cotton
  • Embroidered Front & Printed Design
  • Model 5'10" and 150 lbs, wears XL (oversize)